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Let's Talk Housing

Upcoming Nevada Housing Summit Goes Virtual:

It’s been an incredible year, given all of its unique embellishments. Yes, we are an optimistic group, but we are also hyper-aware of the economic and social impacts our community has been burdened with. What better time to understand the need for affordable housing in our communities and engage in collaborative solutions? Our nation may be on the verge of a breakthrough. Let's all work toward that, shall we?

This week on October 27-29, The Nevada Housing Coalition will be hosting a virtual summit via ZOOM titled “Collaborating For Progress: Working Toward a Successful and Equitable Housing Recovery, featuring special guest speakers such as Governor Sisolak and keynote speaker Dr. Tiffany Manuel of The Case Made, with remarks from U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, and many other professionals in the fields of housing, finance, economics, healthcare and education. This event will be free to all Nevada Housing Coalition members, and $45 for non-members. The great news is, you may sign up as an NHC member prior to registering for the event. You can find the event registration page here.

At Foresight Housing Partners, we are excited to be a part of this insightful conversation addressing strategies for Nevada’s housing recovery. We plan to post our summarized notes for our readers unable to attend the event in the following days. Community service organizations, government officials, public agencies, educators, healthcare professionals, businesspeople, housing developers, financial institutions, and anyone driven to be a part of Nevada’s housing solutions are encouraged to attend.

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