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Health and Housing

As a team devoted to making a positive impact in our sector, we focus on a fundamental question: “what services and amenities should housing developers and property managers provide to empower their residents and the community?”

We believe the future of housing in the United States is moving in the direction of a Health & Housing model, where property owners and managers tend to provide services that address the needs of their residents (behavioral health services, affordable healthcare, affordable childcare, etc). Through this model, we strive to be innovative and set a precedent for future housing development. While we are currently focused on developing Lake Mead West Apartments, we are also developing strong partnerships with other community based organizations that serve low-income and underprivileged populations.

Lake Mead West Apartments will cover 7.3 acres across the street from Ollie Detwiler Elementary School in North Las Vegas. The planned development will include 156 units, a children’s park and dog park, a community pool, a gym, a community center dedicated to wraparound services, and will exceed EnergyStar standards as a Green Globe Certified development. These apartments will be rented at an affordable rate to families living at 60% and 50% of the area median income (AMI). Thanks to the hard work of our team and the support of government entities, investors and partners, the project’s festive groundbreaking ceremony will take place in March of 2021.

In many housing communities throughout Las Vegas, we see that not only is affordability a challenge, but physical access or lack thereof to services, such as healthcare and job training, can impede the harmony of a household. As part of this vision toward a Health & Housing model, Lake Mead West Apartments will provide these vital services in its community center, conveniently located in the center of the gated complex. The health of our residents being a high priority, our community center will provide access to primary and pediatric care, vaccination and social services through a participating Federally Qualified Healthcare Provider (FQHP). For the youth of our community, we will provide after school and summer programs as well as access to a food pantry for our residents facing food insecurity. Also offered to our residents will be a work-force training and technology center to help them develop the skills necessary to keep up with an evermore competitive job market.

As housing developers, we have an important responsibility to understand that we are not only given the opportunity to provide four walls and a roof, but we have the opportunity and moral obligation to contribute to the success of a community by empowering its households. We must also understand that our residents’ needs are dynamic; their needs of today may differ from their needs tomorrow. When we assess the needs of our community consistently, we can better understand how to make a long-lasting influence in others’ lives.

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